SportCourt Flooring

SportCourt Flooring

Building shown with optional features.

SportCourt flooring is an excellent addition to your garage or storage building, and is available as a Do-It-Yourself project or can be installed by your local TUFF SHED building crew. This polypropylene flooring material is designed to be economical, low maintenance, easily cleaned and extremely durable. It is unaffected by moisture, easily retrofitted over existing floors, and is available in multiple styles and colors.

SportCourt is installed in an easy, one time application, that does not require extensive surface preparation. Unlike epoxy or other adhesive coverings, Sport Court does not require chemical treatment of concrete surface. Nor does it need to be reapplied after only a few seasons. Plus, Sport Court can hide surface imperfections like cracks and pitting that rolled on adhesives can't.

Standard Specifications

Feature Specification
Warranty 1-Year Limited
On-Site Installation Included* Installed or DIY
Colors Available in 28 standard colors (mix & match colors and styles), Colorfast material is fade resistant
Tile Size 12" x 12"
Tile Strength 200 pounds per square inch
Tile Patterns Solid Circle or Deck Tile
Border Tiles Available border tiles meet ADA guidelines
Advantages Reduces fatigue associated with standing directly on concrete
Durability Resists damage from petroleum products
Care Easily cleaned with mop or garden hose

*Heights listed are approximations, and are rounded to the nearest inch. Interior clear sidewall heights are measured from the floor to the top of the top plate. Overall heights are measured from the ground to the peak, and may vary based on type of foundation or the addition of skids or leveling blocks.