Garden Hutch

Garden Hutch

Building shown with optional features.

New to the Garden Series lineup is the Garden Hutch. This 4'x8' building is perfect for tight spaces and tight budgets. The Garden Hutch is a lot of building for a little money. The single slope roof design accommodates a 5'5" tall door on the shorter 6' exterior wall (as shown) or a 6' tall door on the taller 7' exterior wall.

Standard Specifications

Feature Specification
Warranty 5-Year
Floor Joist System 2x6 Pressure Treated Wood Floor Joists
Patented Keyed, Locking Door Handle 5"
Steel Reinforced Door Size 4'x5'5" or 4'x6' (on tall wall)
Interior Clear Sidewall Height 5'8" & 6'5" (high wall)
Wall Framing 2"x4" Spaced 24" On Center
Double Top Plates Single Top Plates
Siding Type LP® Smartside w/ 50-Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Trim Type 4" - 50 Year Limited Warranty Smart Trim
Floor Decking 3/4" Heavy-Duty Tongue & Groove OSB Floor Decking
Roof Decking 7/16" OSB Roof Decking
Eave Type 4" Flat (short wall)
Roof Felt Paper 15#
Colored, Baked Enamel Drip Edge Entire Roof Perimeter
Owens Corning Shingles 25-Year Limited Warranty 3-Tab Composition Shingles
Rafters and Trusses Single Piece 2"x4" Rafters
Roof Pitch at Peak (3/12) Single Slope
On-Site Installation Included* Yes (Delivery, Access, and/or Generator fees may apply)

*Heights listed are approximations, and are rounded to the nearest inch. Interior clear sidewall heights are measured from the floor to the top of the top plate. Overall heights are measured from the ground to the peak, and may vary based on type of foundation or the addition of skids or leveling blocks.