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Win a $1,000 TUFF SHED Gift Certificate

TUFF SHED is giving away a $1,000 TUFF SHED Gift Certificate now through March 15th! Winning is easy, just follow the Build-A-Quote buttons throughout the site and save an online quote for a storage building or garage and we'll select one random winner from the saved quotes for the current promotion period.


One Thousand Dollar ($1,000) TUFF SHED Gift Certificate, redeemable for a $1,000 discount on a new purchase of a TUFF SHED storage building or garage at a TUFF SHED retail store, limited to products in the Garden Series™, Premier Series™ or Premier PRO Series™.

How to Enter

Enter online at http//www.tuffshed.com/ by saving an online building quote. The online building quote form can be reached by following any of the "Build-A-Quote" buttons on the TUFF SHED website. You must Save the Quote in order to be entered. Only ONE ENTRY per household. Duplicate entries will be removed from the eligible entries prior to finalist selection.

Sweepstakes consists of one (1) Promotion Period starting and ending at the times and dates as described in the table below. Entry is via Internet only.

Sweepstakes Periods

Start Date End Date Random Drawing Date Notification Date
02/01/15 03/15/15 03/16/15 03/17/15

Sweepstakes Details

Refer to the Official Sweepstakes Rules for complete details.

Sweepstakes Winners

TUFF SHED occasionally runs contests and sweepstakes to award great prizes to people all across the country that are interested in storage buildings or garages. Past winners are listed below.

Win a Loafing Shed

  • Loafing Shed (1/31/2014): Dwayne L. Harris - Spokane, WA
  • Loafing Shed (1/31/2013): Steve Hubbard - Vancouver, WA

Win a Playhouse

  • Play House (12/15/2013): Jessica Ling - Ontario, CA

Home Show Drawings

  • Home Show (9/4/2014): Frank Mies - Hampton, MN
  • Storage Shed (6/5/2014): Frank Zubiate - El Paso, Tx
  • Storage Shed (3/6/2014): Carolyn Walker - Louisville, KY
  • Storage Shed (12/5/2013): Holly Armstrong-Woods - Fresno, CA
  • Storage Shed (9/5/2013): Ellen Napier - Mt. Washington, KY
  • Storage Shed (8/31/2013): David Florent - Woodstock, IL
  • Storage Shed (6/6/2013): Erin Taylor - Arcata, CA
  • Storage Shed (3/27/2013): Richard McClellan - Idaho Springs, CO

$1,000 Gift Certificates

  • $1000 Gift Certificate (9/29/2014): Ken Chadwell - Clinton, UT
  • $1000 Gift Certificate (5/26/2014): Robert Manthey - Desoto,MO
  • $1000 Gift Certificate (3/9/2014): Paul Danhieux - Palmdale, CA
  • $1000 Gift Certificate (11/10/2013): Olivia Savoy - French Settlement, IA
  • $1000 Gift Certificate (10/13/2013): Jason Dougherty - Seattle, WA
  • $1000 Gift Certificate (10/6/2013): Jim Domen - Yorba Linda, CA
  • $1000 Gift Certificate (9/1/2013): Clifford Cummings - Provo, UT
  • $1000 Gift Certificate (8/11/2013): Diane Salazar - Oakland, CA
  • $1000 Gift Certificate (2/28/2013): Desiree Therianos - Oakland, CA

Win a PRO Tall Ranch

  • PRO Tall Ranch (4/27/2014): Tommy Keller - Palmdale, CA
  • PRO Tall Ranch - Transom (4/28/2013): Paul Cindric - Denver, CO

Free Paint

  • Free Paint (5/26/2013): Stephen Wolff - St. Louis, MO
  • Free Paint (5/13/2013): JoAnn Murray - Denver, CO
  • Free Paint (5/12/2013): Scott Schleich - Aurora, CO

Win a Garden Ranch Shed

  • Garden Ranch (7/2/2014): Gary Myall - Kirkland, WA
  • Garden Ranch (6/30/2013): Ruby Reichard - Georgetown, TX